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Rock Milling
Date: 2020
Client: NCTIR
Project value:

Using an Ekart 1500X milling head, attached to a 30 T excavator, Geotech are treating a rock face in preparation for installation of a rockfall canopy to protect State Highway 1 at Pekata, south of Kaikoura.

Kaikoura Tunnels
Date: 2017 - 2019
Client: NCTIR
Project value: In excess of $1m
Project info: kaikoura-tunnels.pdf

The damage caused by the 7.8 magnitude November 2016 Kaikoura earthquake to the Main North Line (MNL) railway (and SH1 along the east coast of the South Island) was unprecedented in New Zealand. There were 60 major damage sites along the MNL, including tunnels, bridges and embankments. Geotech had two tunnel crews and support staff providing tunnel remediation services.

Kaikoura Earthworks
Date: 2017 - present
Client: NCTIR
Project value: $5m ongoing

Geotech were engaged by the North Canterbury Transport Infrastructure Recovery(NCTIR)to assist with restoring road access to Kaikoura after the 7.8 magnitude earthquake in November 2016. Geotech staff have been working on sections of the narrow coastal corridor of SH1 south of Kaikoura, with additional crews working north of Kaikoura. Works have predominantly been made up of clearing landslides. Work is not straightforward due to the fractured cliff faces being unstable. Damaged slopes continue to release rock and material, and weather events and continuing seismic activity have presented ongoing challenges throughout the contract, including additional land and mud slides during bad weather events.

Avon River stopbank construction
Date: 2017 - 2018
Client: Christchurch City Council
Project value: $3.5m

Chatham Islands quarry management
Date: 2015 - 2017
Client: Southern Screenworks Ltd
Project value: $497k

Geotech were contracted to establish and operate a quarry on the Chatham Islands. The quarry was required to provide concrete aggregate for the Chatham Islands Wharf upgrade. The project required construction of a decant pond, establishment of a 26,000m2 quarry, establishment of a site office, construction of access roads, stockpile areas for overburden and material, quarry blasting, general quarry management, explosives management and design of rehabilitation.



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