Geotech is an experienced tunnelling contractor offering a range of tunnelling services. We specialise in tunnels for mining and civil works, with expertise in both hard and soft rock tunnelling.


Our tunnelling services include:

  • Portal establishment
  • Tunnel excavation and establishment
  • Inspections
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Collapse clearance and stabilisation
  • Shotcrete lining
  • Rock bolting
  • Tunnel seals
  • Crown raising
  • Invert lowering
  • Vertical boring
  • Tunnel ventilation and gas monitoring


Geotech can offer a team of experienced, professional tunnel personnel, whose years of experience cover the Clyde tunnel, Manapouri and Amethyst Hydro tunnel, as well as extensive repair and maintenance works at Kaikoura (road and rail tunnels), and maintenance works at Spring Creek, Banbury, Mangatini and Coalbrookdale.


With A and B Grade Tunnel Managers on staff, experienced geologist, underground electrician, shift bosses and operational staff, we can offer tunnel crews who operate responsibly, deliver with excellence and work with sheer determination and passion.



Head Office

State Highway 6
West Coast 7730
Phone: 03 280 8603