Specialising in tunnelling & ground stabilisation with high-end
contracting ability in extreme & often sensitive work environments

GEOTECH LTD: Work in Sensitive Environments
Work in Sensitive Environments
GEOTECH LTD: Portal Stabilisation and Tunneling
Portal Stabilisation and Tunneling
GEOTECH LTD: Extreme and Specialist Works
Extreme and Specialist Works
GEOTECH LTD: Specialist Equipment
Specialist Equipment
GEOTECH LTD: Civil Works
Civil Works
GEOTECH LTD: Open Cut Mining
Open Cut Mining
GEOTECH LTD: Ground Stabilisation
Ground Stabilisation
GEOTECH LTD: High Rope Access
High Rope Access

GEOTECH - Extreme Geotechnical Solutions

Geotech Ltd is a ground engineering company that specialises in stripping, excavation and cartage, slope stabilisation, construction, hard and soft rock tunnelling, retaining structures, rockfall hazard mitigation, bulk to precision blasting, industrial rope access, hard rock  mining and milling, and geotechnical ground investigation. With strong roots in the mining, earthmoving, transportation and construction sector, Geotech are adept at pushing boundaries, providing solutions for technical problems in extreme work environments.

Geotech have a reputation for working alongside professional engineers, to develop practical, robust methodologies to safely deliver successful projects on the ground. We are experienced in working in extreme, challenging and environmentally challenging sites. 

Geotech’s major projects include the Manapouri power scheme expansion, cliff stabilisation above the Lyttelton Port, stabilisation work on the portal of the Lyttelton tunnel, ground investigations on residential properties in Christchurch, cliff stabilisation for the Christchurch Earthquake Recovery, coal mining for Solid Energy NZ, cliff stabilisation for the Department of Conservation, shaft recovery for Oceania Gold Limited, demolition of red and green zone residential and commercial properties in Canterbury, general contracting and earth moving in Canterbury, primary contractor for the 1km hydro tunnel for Amethyst Hydro Ltd, rock fall remediation and retaining walls for Christchurch Port Hill residents.

Geotech's commitment to providing outstanding geotechnical engineering services is reflected in the ongoing support and loyalty of both our clients and local government, and the success of the works we have carried out in sensitive and extreme areas time and time again. For more information about our experience, please see our project pages.



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